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  1. I wasn't looking for any "legal" help. And nothing has been court ordered yet. Just trying to see if anyone else has dealt with this situation. My son filed the court docs and started the process, he has a lawyer, the court dates are set. Thanks for all your responses
  2. Your answer was that is how the law is structured. I know this is a one sided why, why, why from one view, I am a firm believer that there are 2 sides to every story. I put my son's story out here hoping to find other people who may have gone through this sort of issue. I can change this to be about me. I haven't seen my grandson in month's. Why can't I be a grandma? Why am I unsuitable to watch him? I get it, these are all questions that only she can answer. But she cant be the first person to keep a child away from other family members because she feels like it.
  3. I understand how the parental rights all work. He had the paternity test done, he's the father. He obtained a lawyer, court dates have been set, he has been asking for a temp visitation, she said no, he asked for a supervised visitation, she said no. that's when she said my husband and I are "unsuitable" to supervise. So my son has filled out paperwork for a facility that does such supervised visits ($30.00 per hour). Now, he has to wait for her to fill out same paperwork, then an orientation date will be set, then schedule a date for visit. This facility is 2-6 weeks waiting. The law says decisions are made to determine what is best for the child. I'm only asking "does this seem like it's best for a 2 year old to be taken away from a routine he was in, and go to a strange place, sit in a room with a stranger while he see's his dad again for the first time in months? This just seems like it would be very uncomfortable for both parties.
  4. My son has not seen his 2 year old son since November 5, 2018. The ex girlfriend will not talk to him. She said that he will not see his son until a judge tells her she has to. She wants child support, but has not filed any paper work. There is no court order for anything. My son filled for custody back in November. The 3 of them lived in our house for 1.5 years. Also in my house is my other son (Uncle) , our 2 year old dog (baby and dog spent 1st year together) and Grandpa. She was giving him visitation, every other weekend and 1 night during the week. This was all in place until October. We have hired an attorney to help with this, they said they can only discuss things with my son as he is the actual client. (We paid the retainer fee). So she is still calling all the shots. Denying visitation still. We asked for Supervised visitation at our house, 1st she said ok for 4 hours on a Saturday. Then she backed out stating that my husband and my self are "unsuitable" for supervised visits. What does that even mean? Sorry for the long rant, but I am extremely upset over being told I'm unsuitable. Why does she get to say who can do what, and why can't my son se his son?
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