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  1. No. I'm saying they arrested him for DUI and took his driver's license. They are supposed to issue a notice of suspension and temporary license, advising him he has 19 days to request dmv hearing on the administrative suspension of his license following his arrest. They are supposed to give him the pink copy and he can drive until his dmv hearing. They never gave him the notification of suspension and temporary license.
  2. Sun am husband pulled off fwy to rest and couldn't get back on. FD and Chp came, he blew something over 0.10, and was arrested and booked. Prev DUIs in 2012 and 2015. I bailed him out 24h later, court is 7/1. He never got his notice of suspension and temp DL. His cell phone was stolen as well. Went to Chp to ask about missing susp notice and they gave us a blank copy and highlighted dmv phone # for hearing. Why won't they give him his temp license? Is this legal? They put a 15day impound on the truck.
  3. If he is out of status, the system won't know if he is still in the country or his current address until he submits the query (if he's in status, making sure his address is up to date is a separate question).
  4. I know someone (no, it's not me; I'm a US citizen) who came to the US as a 17-year-old with his father on a marriage-based petition and received a conditional green card. This was decades ago and he doesn't know whether or not conditions were ever removed. He wants to find out whether or not he is in status, but doesn't want to alert USCIS to his ongoing US presence if he is out of status. He is not aware of any removal proceedings' having been initiated against him. I've read the 2013 Privacy Impact Assessment (couldn't find the one from 2010 that is referenced all over the place), and I still can't tell whether he is at risk of alerting USCIS/DHS of his out-of-status presence if he is able to identify using the system, completes an authorization query, and the query comes up showing a mismatch because of expiration of his conditional green card. The data can be retained for up to 10 years, and it can be shared with Law Enforcement to discover and prevent fraud, but what exactly does that entail? Thanks
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