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  1. i have a learning disability so thanks for the boost of confidence
  2. my boyfriend was working in okc in 2017 and we have been saving every dime to buy a piece of property to start building our house back home in terre haute indiana well a friend of the family calls him and ask us if we want to buy a acre of land off of him he owns 18 acres well yes that area is beautiful and he said he has some legal troubles and needs the money well my boyfriend sends him a cashier's check with his name on it and it says a acre of land well he calls back again and asked him if he wanted to buy a half acre well he did agian cashier's check and he cashed it in his account he always said when we got home we could pick out our acre and a half well we came home and he answered for awhile and said no problem we will go down and put it your name after awhile no answer than my boyfriend called last week and he said he wont give us the land and sue him
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