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  1. How right you are sir. That was My father whom I idolized. So many denied me the time to mourn they know who they are and what they did. Money has a way of bringing out the ugly in their souls. I want to believe there is a better solution than taking family to court. We all resided in same county then. It’s not so much what you know but who you know. Some laws do not apply to all
  2. Maybe you could focus on the scant information instead of me being grammatically incorrect. Thought this was a forum for receiving information on the laws and not your personal attributes
  3. Yes the wife did recieve money and my 3 children. The probate case is still open. No my son would not discuss anything with me. According to online information with clerk of court there was allocated money awarded to all of the above mentioned. Yes my son had representation whom refused to keep me informed . I didn’t think there was a statute of limitation on murder. Obviously the will my father left wasn’t considered much less an inquire as to how he died.
  4. My father won the lottery in 1996. 17.5 million. He was married but seperated and subsiquintly married and divorced twice, 50 some odd years her senior! They seperated on the honeymoon after he recieved photos of bride to be in a hot tub the day of the nuptials! A couple of weeks later (he had hired attorney to get annulment) my father was run over during a daily routine on his bicycle! I have paper trail of the people responsible for death! He lived 9 months in a vegetative state! I am his only child! I became poa of the estate till his death then my son became personal representative! In his will I was to get the bulk of the estate then my 3 children! With that being said all I got was 0 and a fraudulent lawyer who made false accusations mainly over the wrongful death suit that he filed . I had no prior knowledge to this. I have spent the last 9 years plus researching gathering information as well as suffering a stroke. He died in 2010! To say the politics of the county where this took place has the reputation that is much to be desired! What should o do?
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