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  1. Thank you, pg1067! She doesn't want to live there anymore and is actively looking. Is there a way to legally get her deposit back? Is there anything else I may be overlooking that could help her out? Thanks again!
  2. Hello all, My friend recently moved into a house in San Mateo, California and signed a year long lease. The owner of the home lives there with his wife and another person renting another room. After less than 2 weeks of living there, she was asked to move out. She is respectful and very quiet. The owner of the home claimed that his wife said she was too loud and that she couldn't take it. He also said she is going through things which I believe is menopause. We found out from the other roommate that this is the third time that this is happening. What can she do in this situation? Any information would be really helpful. Thank you! Julian
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