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  1. I disagree. Especially when suing-the plaintiff bears the burden of standing. According to Article lll, 3 elements must be present: (1) the plaintiff has suffered a concrete injury; (2) that injury is fairly traceable to actions of the defendant; and (3) it must be likely—not merely speculative—that the injury will be redressed by a favorable decision. The supposed “injury” was monetary. A ‘spreadsheet’ would be equivalent to ‘business records’ which are considered hearsay in court and only relevant if there are receipts, bank statements/records or other documentation to back it up. It is for this reason the case was turned down by him (and perhaps others , and with good reason - he lost... no?) until he was well compensated. He appears to be the town attorney that will do anything for a price. Against the law? No. Unethical? Probably. Complaints can be lodged against any attorney w/ your state bar and the state Supreme Court. Your complaint would not be conflict of interest but ethical conduct resulting in unnecessary legal fees for you and causing periodic stressful interruptions in your daily life with the reasons being unsubstantiated. However, don’t write them without help. See if the lawyer (who will know the lawyers’ code of ethics) from your court case can sit down with you for 30 minutes to help you draft the complaint. The same complaint can be sent both places. It’s doubtful any infraction will be issued but he will have to sit down & draft a response to both and perhaps will think twice before bothering you next time! Good Luck!
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