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  1. Hi I need some advice on a domestic issue I keep having with my parents that has gone on for a couple of years now with my property and I have suspicion to be believe that my parents are playing house with my things. My issues had first started when I made purchases for two used vehicles with my mother's assistance back in 2015 after we agreed that when I fully purchased it I would get licensed to operate it shortly after getting some repairs made, but after I purchased it my mother has not allowed me any rights or access to personally use my vehicle, and stopped me from getting licensed to use the car after having my attempts get fallaciously thrown off for up to four years from when I purchased it until now. After this I attempted to get another vehicle I could use with little repair shortly a year after in 2016 with permission after my mother started holding on to my first vehicle. This time she agreed to help me get to the purchase site and would drive it back home with me after I paid for it, since I still had no license or insurance of my own. When this purchase was finalized I was surprised to have received the title in my mothers name and had even saw my mother sign to the vehicle even with no clear explanation why, so I went to ask and was told this was for insurance purposes. Later during that time after signing the purchase agreement the only record of purchase I received to my name was a sales receipt with all other records of purchase recorded in my mothers name. I now have ended up with two vehicles that I can't use and I need to find some assistance.
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