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    Yes I was Green Card holder
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    I was LPR and got into altercation with a customer at business place, first he was abusing customer and I politely asked him to behave insted of behaving he start abusing me, I refuse to serve him and told him to get out from shop, he pushes display items on counter while he was leaving from the place. As soon he left out I heared a sound like breaking front display glass for my safety I went out with my gun and saw that abuser customer leaving from parking lot. Unfortunately in frustration gun went off and later Police arrived at my place and I found bullet hit his car tyre. I was arrested and next day bail out. As a result I was charged with aggravted assult shooting on occupied vehicle. Before few days of trial I left USA for family emergency and my family didn't allow me to return to face trial because they fear may be lose case and get convicted. Now I want to come back Florida to fight my 16 years old pending case, my family immigrant visa approved and we have to submit our papers to NVC for consular processing. I need legal expert advice what steps do I have to take to come USA without causing any problem on our immigrant visa. I have never had any problem with the law. Can I release on Bail after arriving in case I am arrested?
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