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  1. My father passed away recently with a will that gave me (only child) everything except a specific sum of money to my stepmother as prescribed in both the will and their prenup. My stepmother is not wealthy and her children don't have the means to support her. For whatever reason, my father did not create a Life Estate allowing her to live in his home after his death. To clarify, he owned the home, she did not pay for anything in the 5 years in which they were married. Can I create a Life Estate to allow her to live in the home during probate? Ideally, we would sell my father's house and buy her something smaller, in the same state but closer to her kids. Alternatively, since all the assets are mine except for the sum she received as her prenup, can I as the executor give her additional funds so that she can buy a house? A third alternative is I could gift her the annual limit (I think its 15k) for several years while she pays a mortgage. She was very good to my father and took wonderful care of him at the end, I want to make sure she has a safe, comfortable place to live. Thanks-
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