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  1. I do understand the community property laws of Washington. What I don't understand is reality documents. Apparently I worded my question a bit unclear. I was asking if anyone might know the answer to my question regarding the quit claim deed and maybe explain why it's worded the way it is and what it means. Thank you for your comments. I will get in touch with an attorney.
  2. That isn't the problem. He's agreeing to the sell and it's in the process of closing. I just need to know if this quit claim deed proves that I bought the house on my own and I don't owe him any of the proceeds from the sell.
  3. I was divorced in September of 2017. The divorce states that my ex had until June 1, 2018 to either buy me out or vacate the property. We are now selling and he is still in the house although he was supposed to be out 8 months ago. I received the title paperwork and I see that the original title paperwork says, "Kristen F, a married woman as a sole and separate property, purchased the house. It looks as though he quit claimed the deed to me when we purchased the house. I got a loan against my property that I owned prior to marrying him to purchase the property now being sold. The property the original loan was drawn off of was my property and he was never on the deed. How should I look at this? Do I have to split the proceeds with him legally? Does he have any right to the profit from the proceeds?
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