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  1. My boat was put into storage for the winter. My brand new boat...1 yr old. While in storage something happened to ruin the finish on my boat and the rails ( acid wash dripped down and sat on the surfaces apparently). The covers were also a mess but they were cleaned and I was told that they would repair my bat and make me 'whole again' They were to order the parts and would let me know when they were available. They said I could take my boat until the parts came in or they could wait and perform the services after the season. I never got any word on the parts through the summer. I brought my boat i and they said it would be repaired over the winter ( current season). I have called the service manager and sent emails without response. I held off my current season storage bill until they threatened collection. I finally spoke with him and he assured me that he would return my call by the end of the day. No return call. I have been a reasonable person and have not received any information other than they don't represent that line anymore ( not my issue) . I need legal advice. Is this a consumer issue, negligence issue and what can be done about it. I have all email chains and photos of my boat
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