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  1. There has been a trend for the last several years of websites who have transacted business with other companies to display these other company logos on their websites. I've attached a couple samples. These are used typically to build inferred credibility for the website owner (if this product or service is good enough for AT&T, then it must be good). Logos are much more recognizable by the public than text. In most cases, I would presume that the website owner does NOT get permission from these third party companies to use the logos on their website. The justifications I've heard is that: 1) its true that the website owner has done work for the third party company or the third party company has purchased a product or service. 2) its more branding exposure for these third party companies, so these third party companies don't care. 3) if a third party company would issue a cease and desist to remove their logo, the website owner would just plead ignorance, and remove it. 4) its too difficult to get permission from mid to large size large companies, as this is a minor issue where they have other much more pressing matters. The reason I'm asking this is because my wife is in an industry where 90%+ of her competition displays third party corporate logos on sites as credibility builders (of companies that these competitiors have performed work for). She is INSISTENT not to use logos because it violates ethics. I think it's hurting her business by not using logos. She has received counsel that it is illegal. However, I've spoken to other attorneys who feel its not a problem. Is there any consensus as to the display of third party logos on websites? What say ye?
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