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  1. I know this may be a little late. I rented a home to some bad tenants. The city only put notices on the door. I had no idea what was going on because I only saw the tenant once a month. I could have started eviction much earlier had I known. My advice, contact the owner yourself, they are probably causing all kinds of damage to the property as well. I was not even notified after they raided the home for drugs. I understand them not telling me in advance, but I would have liked to know. The tenant had all kinds of made up sob stories. I did not realise how destructive people can be.
  2. I am helped by the response even if the poster did not.
  3. What county is this in. I would like to read the court docs
  4. You should also counter sue to have his drain diverted away from your property. You have real damages from him. Yes on the no trespass and harassment. If you don't put him in his place he will keep on with others.
  5. Isn't the zoning laws supposed to prevent things like commercial or industrial uses in residential areas. The RV use should be for if you were to run a campground or if you were using it to charge for someone else to vacation. It should not interfere with the private use of private property. Don't we have the right to the enjoyment of our property?
  6. Doesn't matter about the poster being gone. I am having a problem now that would benefit from all comments. My problem does not go with this topic because I am dealing with zoning officials abuse of power not neighbors but I could use those same solutions from here.
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