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  1. I currently have pending charges I was set up for that the DA had stated they were dropping against me because they were aware I wasn't the criminal. Upon them hearing I would be an important witness concerning a totally different case, and that my statement could possibly help find that person not guilty on their charges, the DA decided to push my court date back (to drop charges against me) and they continued my court date until 4 months later after the trail date of the person I am a witness for because they claimed they wanted to see if I was going to take the stand in defending the accused on the other case and that if I were to, they weren't going to drop my pending charges and would pursue them against me as well as take my children and charge me with committing purgery. I asked my IDB and emailed (which I have proof of) numerous times concerning that I wanted a preliminary hearing on these pending charges I have then because I wanted them to prove in that evidence of me being behind the crime. My attorney failed to respond to me over a matter of 4 months and ignored me (which he responds very fast) and the only time he spoke to me in this whole timeframe, was when he saw me with a friend in court and came pull me to the side ONLY to ask if I was still going to be helping the person on the other case I was a witness for. Now, before the DA found out I would possibly be a witness on that case, I had confided in my attorney for legal advice upon being a witness to the other case through email (which I have a copy of) and in the email it states at the end that the information is not not be disclosed. I'm aware without physical proof that he told the DA after what I sought to him in secret about because shortly after, he was the one who initially threatened me if I went forward from what the DA told him and the DA was never aware I had any connection to the other case for 2 years and then when I tell my attorney, they find out and he's the one to tell me the consequences I face. He also had stated in the same conversation that if i went help the ither case as a witness, he was withdrawing from the case he was representing me on currently. Despite having 4 kids and being threatened to be charged for 43 felonys the DA knows I didn't commit, (I have no prior record,I'm 27) I showed up at the other persons trail and upon swearing in, I was asked if I needed to speak to my attorney that I was appointed on my pending charges. I stated on record "No, I've spoke to him before briefly, and this case has nothing to do with me therefore I have nothing to say to him. Besides, he ignores me all the time and doesn't get back with me so no, I don't need to talk now." Then enters my attorney I'm forced to step outside with. I basically told him that he and the DA and system was wrong for what they were doing and he asked if I wanted him to represent me on the current trail I was being a witness to. I stated I didn't trust him or none of them and that he couldn't help me and hasn't done anything on my case or even responded to any of my requests and that I would be better off representing myself. My father was present as he approached due to hearing me hollaring with my attorney. I told my attorney at the end of the day, they were going to do what they wanted anyways regardless and that the system is so illegal and unfair. He then lied to me as if he were having us recorded and needed to defend his statement and he states to me "You know, I have the privilege and right to go to the judge and tell him you are committing purgery because you came to my office and told me you did not do what you are about to witness to?" (He lied) I stated "You don't know what I did and didn't do to be able to claim I'm committing purgery! And I never said I didn't do it, I asked you off record for legal advice on what was I facing IF I went forward being a previous attorney told me in a brief consultation that I could get off with probation since I have no prior record and then I asked you if you would represent me. I also only went into your office twice and we have NEVER spoke about this situation ever, in fact I emailed you when I asked you about this and I have a copy to prove it!" He then walked away and from what I was told from the attorney in there, he went tell the judge I was committing purgery and also told the judge that I was aware of how the judge currently was not following proper law and was being unfair and over ruling attorneys demands of mistrail following Criminal Procedure Code Article 770 & 775 in the suspects trail I was a witness for. Now, as he walked away, we were both on the same page that he would not be representing me and that he probably would be removing himself off my pending charges he was signed to, but I was told he has to file a motion to withdraw then under CERTAIN guidelines he was allowed to release confidential information with/without my consent. I'm just wondering what is actual law procedure and allowings? I try not to blurt it all out on public because I'm more at risk of being treated unfair, but at this point, I have nothing to lose and I can't stand by a system that claims to protect but are the ones being just opposite. Thanks ahead if I get a response. There's much more to throw in of all this but its time consuming and not something to trust to tell anyone not aware of whos side their on.
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