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  1. Thank you! I did not think of that. It makes more sense, but I wasn't sure. I do appreciate your help. Have a great day.
  2. Thanks, I done that already, just waiting for answers form the ones I reached out to.
  3. I am sure some things are not clear, I just don't know how to put it on paper. It has been a very hard situation for me How do I go about finding the correct attorney?
  4. I am looking for some advise, I had to quit my job of 20+ very good years, here is my situation. I believe this new manager was determined to get rid of me from the beginning. He thought I was on the job too long and too old to be the employee he wanted me to be. He never missed a chance to let me know, I was too slow, not “getting on board”. Belittled me at every turn, with phrase’s like, “just stupid”. “you need to move into the 20th century”, “Baby things change” we need some young blood around here” just to name a few, there a lot more. Once he put his hand on my forehead and said, “wake up in there”. My office since 1998 was in my Customers building, and I changed trucking companies 5 times, in the 20+ years I was there. I never had any complaints from my Customer, and one outside customer concern the whole time. I never got a bad review as matter of fact, I never got any reviews from the company I worked for. They VP of the company called me at least 3 times before I was forced to quit, to ask me if this manager was harassing me. I told him, “yes he was”. The VP said he was hearing that, from all the terminals. He told me to hang in there, that was in 2016 I believe. The same thing with the other calls, just hang in there. I was so distraught I was physically sick. I told the VP, how degrading this manager is and at my age 60 it was taking a toll on my health. VP told me to hang in there again. This manager said women should not be in trucking business, but I am sure he only meant me. I told this manager “I need training” for the last almost three years at every opportunity. He never provided it until around August 14th, 2018. Which was a total waste, the place I had to go had no time for me, I got about two hours training, for the 2.5-day trip. I ended up having to quit my job, because I was so constantly belittled, and made to feel, so inadequate, so disrespected and totally ignored because I needed training on new equipment. I never understood WHY he would not provide me with training. They last time I ask him he, he laughed and mocked me saying, “but I don’t know how to do it”. Then he said, I’m sick and fu**king tired of hearing that. I also ask the VP for training on several occasions, he always said he would provide it, but never did. I of course was on salary, worked a normal week of 10 to 14 hours per day, almost every day, 7 days a week for 2018. When I told the new manager I needed help, he “ask me if took vitamins”. When I told him I was tired, he said, “well hell so am I, get you some Geritol” I loved my job, and was very happy doing it for many years before this new manager came in.
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