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  1. Yes I have the contract and everything says my fathers name as buyer and mine as co-signer
  2. I went with my father to look at cars for him. He found one he really liked so we went through the whole 9 yards and at the end, we found out he needed a co-signer, so I was more than happy to sign for him since I would do anything to help him, he is my dad after all. After all was said and done we stared getting papers from the finance company in my name, which seemed odd to me. Come to find out they {not sure if it was dealership or finance company } listed me as buyer instead of co-signer. The funny thing is, one, I don't even have a licence, and two, I am on disability and could not make the payments even if I had to. My father has not even received a registration card for the car and he bought it in December of last year. My question is, how can they take me signing as co-signer and change it to purchaser with out knowledge or permission from me? Is there anything I can do about this? I have been over to the dealership 3 times already as well as several calls to them without any response. Any suggestions you can give me will be GREATLY appreciated.
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