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  1. My son's apartment was broken into 11/09/2018 and he had to fight for his life against the intruder until the Stillwater Police arrived based on a neighbor's call to 911. Case # CF-2018-474 My son suffered property damage, was banged up, bitten, and bruised, and went to the E.R. for treatment. My son wasn't charged with anything. The intruder was charged with Burglary first degree Felony. My son asked to meet with the ADA Payne county and was told he would be kept in the loop. He wasn't. In December he learned a new ADA had been assigned and that all charges had been reduced to misdemeanors. He recently met with the new ADA but it appears that nothing will be changed. The police audio and video support their official reports of that night. How can we get the original charges of felony reinstated before the hearing 02/11/2019? If we can't, who can we file a complaint with to investigate if this case was properly handled? Thank you.
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