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  1. I just started working at a new store. They opened doors and we were given full schedules 8/15, I was injured 10/22, and saw doc on 10/26 after missing three days. He put me on work limits until 11/26 but employer disregarded. Condition worsened and On 12/9 I could no longer out on shoes or get in or out of bed without extreme pain, missed all of december. When workers comp filed, the claims manager at employer averaged my hours based on all hours worked to date, which included two weeks in June (we were hired on June 16, but not given hours until 8/01) and the two weeks before store opening where I worked one 4 hr day orientation one week and one 4he training class the next week. It came to 25 hours per week. These weren't indicative of my average weeks which were between 30-37 hours for 2nd half of August once we opened and every week after until 10/22 when I'm out for injury. Should they be counting the injury week too? There was also a week between transferring jobs where they accidentally left me off the schedule. Can I protest including that as it was a management mistake and doesn't speak to my true normal schedule? How do you counter their calculation of show true average week hours? They are supposed to match my usual hours during light duty, but at 25 hours per week, we can't make ends meet.
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