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  1. so, if a business fires you and they have an appeals process, they can just deny your appeal with NO procedural due process in place or sense of legal fairness? Are ANY of you guys attorneys????
  2. why doesnt ANYONE read what I say? I did NOT SAY anything about freedom of speech being the MAIN issue... I said IF A BUSINESS ALLOWS APPEALS, DOES THAT INVOKE DUE PROCESS? And there are PLENTY of examples of the constitution effecting businesses!
  3. In a business situation in which I am the consumer, (namely, the question and answer site "Quora"), when they allow an appeals process from adverse decisions made BY Quora moderators, in which they arbitrarily decide a certain statement or question violates Quora policies, are they required to follow due process requirements by allowing said appeals process? To rephrase,... does allowing an appeals process invoke the due process requirements of the constitution in a business setting? ***PLEASE only professional attorneys respond***
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