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  1. Well if I were you, and since you already claimed to do have done it, I would delete this post immediately and keep this between you and her and YOUR parents only. Do NOT discuss this with her parents, EVER, even if you both are above 18 by then. Chances are sooner or later she might tell he parents so they do know what you and her have done. I would not ask any official or teacher or councelor for advise about this; they are legally ordered to report this to the police / justice department. Avoid this girl AT ALL COSTS if you two ever break up or she starts treating you in any harmful or threatening way. Because her have done it under state eyes , you and you alone will suffer the consequences, not her. Do you two separate she will be fine without you. Most important however, do not admit or apologize for anything you ever did with her to her or her family do they ever threaten you or blackmail you or claim to drop the charges in exchange for some sort of "make-up' / 'penance' / 'sorry'. It may be legal in South Carolina to have sex at the age of 16, but the power of a woman, the power of an legally underage person, and the power of that person's parent(s) are overwhelmingly greater than your word. Does this girl or her family ever grow a dislike towards you, her and her family can easily construe your actions to different crimes, from kidnapping to coercive sexual assault / rape. The courts, no matter how good you are, will hurt you in legally profound ways. They can sentence you into punishments that destroy your career in just about any job that has to do with social, emotional, mental, or biological interaction. Your life can become lower than those of real criminals do you ever become convicted of a sex crime, regardless of the acrual circumstances at hand. Althought is so trivial and common in the teenage life that you two both share to have sex, legally you are in serious danger do you or her or her family share this information with authorities. You sound like any other teenager looking for advice about sex and legalities behind it. I am not a lawyer or anything like it, but I do not want to see you in jail or in probation or cut off from your dream job or your community for life because of some impassioned # of minutes with some teenage peer of yours behind intimate, closed doors. It is a harsh life once you meet the judge for these crimes and sadly, even for young, otherwise innocent seniors like you, there is no way to reverse or undo your crime. Only further punishment. PS: Use proper protection do you ever have sex again.
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