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  1. Thank you adjusterjack, I can assure you I’m very well aware of that. I truly hope you are never in any kind of situation similar to mine involving one of your immediate family members. And if you are, I hope no one responds to any question you may need guidance on with the uncalled for response that you chose to post on here. I was in a very bad emotional state at the time. I am not making excuses, just stating facts as well as addressing the manner in which the police officer treated me...which is pretty much the same way you did with your response.
  2. MiddlePart Thank you very much for your advice. You were more helpful than anyone on here. I truly appreciate your response.
  3. I was not in any of the cars involved in the accident, it happened very close to my house, when I got the call I immediately went to the scene to check on my family member. I am in the medical field profession. When they finally got them cut out of the vehicles, I left behind the ambulance carrying my unconscious family member in it. There were 2 ambulances and 2 Life Flight helicopters that left the scene with victims of the collision. I did not keep up with the ambulance, I ended up being 1-2 miles behind it. Needless to say I was very upset and really not paying attention to my speed.
  4. I need advice on next step to take please. I had a family member involved in a head on collision, I was at the scene with 2 Life Flight helicopters and large variety of first responders. I left the accident when the ambulance did and was 1-2 miles behind it, didn’t try to keep up. However, on my way to the hospital I was pulled over for speeding by a local police officer. He informed me that he did not care WHY I was speeding, wrote me a ticket and basically told me if I didn’t like it that I could show up for the court date on the ticket. What are my best options, if there are any to try to get this ticket removed?
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