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  1. The other commenter wasn’t stating “adultry” as a fact . He was stating it to get under my skin by saying “if he was good enough to commit adultry with” , as though I was in a happy marriage and ruined it by sleeping with someone else . Currently my husband is in jail awaiting trial for murder 1 charges , so I’m not worried about his role . Only the biological fathers .
  2. Condolences to my child ? I’m a single mother , working full time , and going to school full time to make sure my child has the best future possible . I’m doing a damn good job , and my daughter is my number one priority . So when people assume I wouldn’t want what’s best for my child (like having both parents in her life) I get defensive . Or when they try to assume I’m a bad person and commited “Adultry”, when I specifically stated that we were separated .
  3. Excuse me... ME AND MY HUSBAND WERE SEPARATED FOR A YEAR WHEN I GOT PREGNANT ! don't assume **** if you don't know ****. I asked a question, not for you to judge me. he was in a separate relationship at the time as well. Thank you jerk. And I'm afraid that he's going to try and get custody out of SPITE. I actively try to have him involved in my child's life. I actively try and get him to tell his family about her too, but they don't even know she exists because of how much of a POS he is. And no, I wasn't aware of this when I got pregnant. I knew him since middle school, and he never seemed like that type of person... But NOW I know. so no he's not good enough to act like a father. BECAUSE HE WONT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THAT SHE IS HIS. So maybe before you try to troll and be an ass, you can just answer the questions asked and not try to assume why. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I am a mother to a 9 month old daughter. I am legally married, however her father is not her biological father. We were legally married at the time of conception and the time of birth, though we were separated at the time just not legally. There is no father listed on her birth certificate as her biological father is not involved, and I was separated from my husband. My fear is that one day her biological father will decide to try and fight for custody of her (though he has made it a point that he does not want anything to do with my daughter as he or his family have never met her) or that his parents will try. I want to know what I need to do in order to prevent this from happening. He is not listed on the birth certificate, and I know by law my husband would be seen as the father since we were married at the time of birth, however I don't know what rights the biological father and his family currently has. I need to know what I need to do legally in order to make sure I am the only person with rights to my daughter. Thank you,
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