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  1. I thought it was obvious what would be achieved by having him added to their policy to make sure he is covered in case his medical and auto policy excludes on the job accidents
  2. Although he is 18 I did not know since he is under our policy whether the family could possibly sue us should he be in an accident driving their car. I get that he can choose to take or not take the job my question is merely to understand what the risks are if he is not formally added to their auto policy
  3. So if he is a permitted driver doesn’t that mean he needs to be formally added to their auto policy or does a written letter stating he is a permitted driver suffice?
  4. My 18 year old son was hired for a part time nanny job where the mom needs him to drive her 3 kids ok a weekly basis. We requested for her to add him to her auto policy and that he drives her car but she responded that after speaking with her insurance agen All State car insurance says there’s no reason to add nanny to car insurance policy because my son’s the health insurance would cover injury in case of accident. Is this true? Are there other risks I don’t know about if we do not have the mother add my son to her auto policy for this nanny job?
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