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  1. Not asking anyone to be my lawyer. Asking for basic info. If you do not have the info, or are not inclined to provide it, why waste everybody’s time by commenting on this thread?
  2. Thank you so much!! I will be speaking with an attorney on Monday and will be sure to ask about the information you provided!! Thank you!!
  3. We gave them written notice of termination. Obviously. Which is why I came here first. For direction and to get basic questions answered. As is the purpose of this site. Hadn’t thought of that- thanks!
  4. We rent out two bedrooms in our condo. We reside in the third bedroom. We have a 13 yr old pit bull who loves people but hates other dogs. Because of this, we have a strict no pets policy in our lease. One of our current tenents, after residing here for 4 months, was found to have a puppy living with them. After found, they admitted that they have had the dogs for months (though not at move-in). As this is a direct violation of their lease and causes an unsafe environment for our dog, we moved to evict them. They come back stating that it was illegal to evict them and that the dog could stay because it’s a service dog. They are also claiming it’s illegal for us to ask for proof that it’s a service dog. I can’t believe that a landlords hands would just be completely tied in a situation like this. We are new landlords so don’t know how everything works, admittedly. But we don’t want to keep our dog locked up for the rest of their lease just to ensure he doesn’t see it some day, attack it, and then have them take action against us and have our dog put down. What can we do to get them out or, at the very least, get the dog out?
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