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    What kind of court will it be then?DERKSEN . Yes it did. Not yet. Can't upload copies. Can they take me to jail for this? I'm so stressed out about it, can they put a lien on my land or home or any of my belongings?
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    I still have the text on my phone. There is a termination clause . (Rentor can terminate agreement by authorizing return of property to lessor.) I did this. $7,700 plus court cost.
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    I got a rent to own portable building, l could not afford it so i stopped paying notes on it and I told the company to come and get it from my land, two months later it hadnt been removed I texted the company and told them I was moving from the land the building was on, please come pick it up. 9 months later the building was still there. One day I went there and the building was gone. I thought the company got it until a year latter I received papers suing me for the building they say they didn't get it. So it seems the building was stolen, Am I liable for this building that they left abandone for over a year before they came to pick it up?
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