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  1. Because they they feel District 2 is responsible for the education for the child due to their evidence. And District 2 feels that District 1 is responsible due to their evidence.
  2. Yes, I am in the process of appealing the decision now. I'm just concerned about my child possibly being pulled out of school as district 1 is claiming district 2 is responsible and district 2 is claiming district 1 is responsible. Now my child (with special needs) is stuck in the middle of all this.
  3. The issue is, the child is deemed not residing in any of the 2 districts through residency hearings by both districts. The issue is peculiar, I agree as many have stated but this still remains to be an issue that I need to figure out.
  4. I have full custody but the other parent is involved. The child lives with me. Other family members help depending on my work schedule and other parent work schedule.
  5. I am a CT resident. Looking for answers regarding education for my child. My child currently resides in a district and was found not to be a resident of the district (1) at a Residency hearing. I had another residency hearing for the district (2) whom my current district states should be responsible for my child's education. My son was found not to be a resident of that district (2) as well (Makes since for the second hearing because I nor my child live in district number (2). I'm wondering who is responsible for the education of my child if neither district will acknowledge residence? All paperwork was submitted for the district (1) where I live and residency was approved for me but not for my child who resides with me in district (1).
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