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  1. I speak to the staff in the programming office at the club while I was signing the forms, and also after my daughter finished the last session. This is the department that processes the program enrollment and membership. I did not send them an e-mail or a letter, because they said I can either drop by in person or call them to withdraw the membership. While signing the forms, I told them:"Do not involve me into your membership automatic renewal." When the last time my daughter made up her missed gymnastic class while I was in the programming office taking the class makeup slip, I also told them this is her last class, it's not for her and we would not renew the membership. And -- when you enrolled, were there written terms of membership ---that I did not notice, but today the owner said there were written terms mentioned about the automatical renewal of membership when I signed. And there were not any terms regarding the cancelation of the membership. And: in 2017 and 2018 did you just overlook the deduct´╗┐ions from your bank account or the charges on your credit card for the 2017 and 2018 fees, or was there something else going on so that you didn't know about them at the time they happened? --- The deduction from my credit card in 2016(charging for 2017 membership) and 2017(charging for 2018 membership) was submerged in a long list of credit card deductions and I set "autopay" for my credit card. Thus, I did not notice that until last weekend I checked my recent credit card history and just saw the deduction on 12/02/18(charging for 2019 membership).
  2. I have a question recently. I was enrolled the Sports Club of Novi, MI in 2016. Also in that year, I told them not renew my membership automatically. Just yesterday, a notice popped up said Novi Sports Club charge me 99 dollars, then I found that I was charged not only 2016, but also 2017, 2018, and 2019. Since Mid 2017 I never used any of their service because I thought I was not the member. The owner called me that they can only refund me 2019 membership fee but refused for 2017 and 2018. Their policy is auto-renew for most of their customers' convenience. In this case, should I go to small claims court to sue them?
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