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  1. I was emotionally and mentally abused at work along with my other co-worker for 9 long months. After dealing with the extreme of it every single day I am finally the one that came forward to the COO because I couldn’t take it anymore but most it happening to others. I was able to finally get it on recording on how we were treated every day myself and my office employee I had an hour and 10 minutes of a recording of how we were treated everyday and four pages front and back and what has happened. I have never met the C.O.O. or talk to him until then and sat down and let him listen and hear what I had to say. Immediately after that meeting The general manager was fired. Shortly that happening myself and another employee we were giving about a $4000 all together added to our salary. Recently Our salary is gone along with that $4000 pain and suffering bonus they gave us since they did say that it was well earned and they felt bad for what has happened. We no longer see either one of the pays. We are down to hourly and all they can give us is because of the budget and the cost. After this happening I ended up seeing a psychiatrist and got put on some medication because I have suffered from OCD majority of my life but never so bad that it Took over my daily routine. I have asked numerous times to see a counselor because it is so bad and think about it every day how we were treated and now feel worse because of what I thought the boss was sorry about is no longer and took that away now I am wondering are they able to do that and am I able to go further since it’s been a few months to go and do anything about what has happened?
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