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  1. I'm in Oregon and inquired about a work and travel program. The commission-only representative I talked to was overseas. During the 3 phone calls, which I recorded all without him knowing, I let him know I was unsure I would be ready for the early March departure date. He said that by making an early deposit, that would save my spot for a year - if I wanted to reschedule to a later program that more fit my readiness needs. He said, "The main thing is that the deposit is non-refundable, and the rest of the Terms & Conditions is just general information." Without reading the T&C, I paid my high dollar deposit. When I asked to have my program rescheduled, I was told by someone else that the T&C stated the deposit is non-refundable AND non-transferable. I'm in talks with the Chicago-based company, hoping to come to an agreeable outcome - though at this time, they don't seem too concerned that I was lied to. Does my argument hold any water? If I decide to sue for deposit back - paid on proven false statements and misrepresentation, is it likely I would win? Is recording Zoom internet call the same as a regular phone call, legally? Anything else I should be aware of?
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