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  1. She went to court 3 days after her arrest on 12/18/18. They told her that NEVADA is just holding her until either California extradites her or 30 days NEVADA has to release her. Meanwhile she is still jail. Initially the father had took emergency custody back in 2015/2016 but June 2018 they went to a mediator together and they charge Ian PC278 child stealing; non custodial. But she did have custody and our joint custody and I have the mediation document to prove it.
  2. Las Vegas has not given her a public defender because they are holding her for California(extradition) and we have been told by the DA has been set in California. Meanwhile she still sits in jail. I just wish there was help. I’ve took off work and spent weeks and hours going over the case, talking to family law attorneys and criminal defense attorneys and every says, well just wait until she gets to California.....there must be something I can do or someone who can help.
  3. Well thats where we need help. I would have used a public defender but since she was being held for a warrant and the warrant is from another state it turned into a fugitive warrant. Which doesn’t even allow bail. she was arrested right before Christmas and New Years.
  4. I’m screaming for help! My best friend/girlfriend was arrested December 18 2018 in Las Vegas Nevada, In front of her kids school. And both kids were taking out of school by child protective services(CPS). She had a warrant from Orange County California due to a failure to appear in court for custody, In which she explained to the oldest daughters attorney and the investigator, she was concerned for her daughters safety because of the alcoholic and abusive step mother, these problems were never fully investigated, oldest child was never interviewed, so “best interest of child” was never considered. But the warrant was still issued. My girlfriend is still in jail awaiting extradition to California, has not talked to or seen her kids since 12/18/18, her oldest daughter is back with her dad in California and the youngest daughter is stuck in limbo I’m Las Vegas foster care. I need help and just but every attorney I’ve spoken to so far has no real interest because it’s a big case. 2 cases in California and 1 case in Vegas. Please help. Not asking for money, just resources to get my family home and safe. Thank you. My family is my world.
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