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  1. 20 years ago I was married. 4 months after the marriage he abandoned me. For 6 months had no idea if he was dead or alive or anything! Then he surfaced and informed me he had gotten an annulment! Fast forward to present day. I was trying to obtain medical ins. Because of the Obama care penalty I was wanting to avoid. The Idaho State Dept. of Health and welfare said I didn't qualify because I was married! Since I had never remarried, they were obviously refering to the marriage i tbought was annulled. Long story short, i was told either provide divorce decree or death certificate to fix. So I decided to pursue filing for divorce. Had not spoken since original seperation 2 decades ago, so I proceeded to look for him or his family but was unsuccessful in making contact. So I was going to file and and make service through the newspaper. Anyhow, the day I was going to file I discovered he had past away about 2 weeks prior from a search I had done online. So, I contacted funeral home for a copy of the death certificate. That went fine but next day his sister and his girlfriend of the last 7 years called and after a brief convo she said well enjoy all the bills and good luck getting any survivor benefits! I was just dumbfounded and hung up! Is that possible for them to stick me with his debt?
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