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  1. Oh okay I think I understand. So in other words if I am to determined to have reached MMI, then I don't have to pay anything because it was the doctor's choice at the end of the day to choose to continue treatment? Also, no there is no Chiropractor and my doctor hasn't recommended that I get one. I have went to see a spinal surgeon for a second opinion and he told me that even if he was to do surgery, the injury would either stay the same or get worse.
  2. "They" is the Doctor's offices legal team. Geico is my insurance company. The cause of the injury was an automobile accident in 2016 which I was declared at fault. Geico has been paying my medical bills up until November 2018 and then Geico stopped when Geico said I reached maximum medical improvement after I completed an Independent Medical Examination.
  3. Hello: I've been dealing with a lower back injury since 2016 and until recently I had an IME stating that I have reached Maximum Medical Improvement for Pain Management which then resulted in Geico stopping payment of my medical bills (I'm in New Jersey by the way). My doctor suggested that we continue treatment and then do Arbitration against Geico in order for him to get paid. My question is, if they lose in Arbitration and Geico says they're not paying anything, will I then be stuck with all the bills from my doctor's office? Thanks in advance!
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