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  1. We have a local Facebook group in an educated, upper class community. We have a local Facebook group, registered as a 5013-c, which is the center of the community. People post topics, ask for advice, post community events, and it’s almost 30.0k plus strong. Many of my friends and I converse on this site several times per day. It is a central part of the community. They offer businesses the ability to purchase a membership, and advertise on their site twice a week. My husband and I recently started a Hemp CHD oil business with medical grade oil (our oil is currently being used at a few well-known medical campuses). After accepting our membership payment, they refused to let us advertise. I made them aware of the recent Hemp Bill that was passed, and that Hemp is now legal to grow, manufacture and sell in all 50 states and will change the landscape of medical pain management. But they wouldn’t budge and quickly refunded our membership fee, apologizing but not changing their position. Isn’t this a case of discrimination? Once they accepted 5013-c status, how can they allow some members but refuse others? Appreciate your legal opinion. Thank you.
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