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  1. I didn't know that you're the Administrator.
  2. If you think that I didn't provide enough details, then don't answer my question. And real attorneys with actual clients do not have time to start arguments with strangers on a public forum.
  3. Actually, I'd rather get more insight from real attorneys rather than wannabe attorneys on this site who have no courtesy.
  4. What is so hard to understand? 'Adjustarjack' called the parent of the child stupid, which is not only judgemental but disrespectful as well. I'm sure his/her parent wasn't with him/her at all times esp. as a preteen. A polite person would simply ask, 'Where was the parent?' I don't need to explain that to you. And it's really none of your business if I'm the parent or not.
  5. lol It was a simple yes or no question and I gave enough details. It's not my problem if you have difficulty comprehending such a basic question.
  6. The problem with you and the other rude, judgemental people who responded to my post is that you all just couldn't answer the question. There is no need to attack the parents. Just wait until you have kids, that is if you don't have them already...unfortunately. You claim that this is not the forum to engage in a debate and other 'silliness' yet here you are questioning the wording that I used. lol Show me the Findlaw rule that states that I can't leave a reply to comments, especially thoughtless ones.
  7. What makes you think the parent has never spoken to the child about these things? Sometimes kids will disobey their parents and do things they know are wrong. As if you or anyone else who answered this question has never done a bad thing in your life. lol I think eating an ice cream one found at a store is definitely not as bad as texting/talking on the phone while driving or driving under the influence among other things. 😊
  8. There is a thing called tact which you clearly lack based on your response.
  9. Are you yourself smart? A smart person would not need to resort to insults when answering a simple question. Your mother should have taught you some manners.
  10. Is it shoplifting if a preteen starts eating an ice cream bar that someone had taken a bite out of and left in the freezer of a grocery store? There was no way of finding out whether it came from the store because there was no opened box of ice cream.
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