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  1. We went to court and the court has ordered an evaluation this time. How can we get a copy of that eval when it is available?
  2. What I was hoping for was that the court would recognize he was not missing his court dates on purpose. How do you hold someone accountable who is unable to be so? He has so many FTAs and those would be included in his sentencing. His mental illness doesn't allow him to help in his own defense because he cannot remember or recall events. He cannot tell you any of his charges let alone details and court dates. The court has had him assessed, for what I am not sure, but they get the report and resume court as usual. We went to court on the 8th and I wrote my concerns to them. Sentencing was postponed and the court has now ordered an evaluation be done. Grandson has never been medicated for his illness so it is my hopes if the county has him they put him where treatment is available because with out it they will be releasing a much worse more ill young man and nothing good is going to come from that. How would we go about getting a copy of that evaluation?
  3. I can tell by your answer your family hasn't had to deal with a young mentally ill member. Starting with the most basic solution a calendar he has no wall for it he is one of thousands with a mental illness living on the streets all unsupervised. Yes technology is wonderful and I am locked into a 2 year contract with Verizon and have provided countless phones to him that he has been beaten up for and taken from him. So, no more phones He doesn't even have a food stamp card anymore because he gets beat up for it and he says it isn't worth it. I have no idea how or where he eats We have tried staying informed of his court dates but he gets picked up booked and released (we are not aware of) this changes his court dates every time and we are not even aware of the change because they don't update the court calendar on line. Have you ever tried to find a homeless person in a city of 100,000 people.to remind him of a court date? Many family members have. The young man we are talking about is a most loved family member and this illness breaks our hearts. Every solution you suggest has been thought of and tried except committing him but trust when I say I have looked into it to find it is a very difficult process. Thank you anyway for your input it would have been good advice if we were dealing with someone who fell within the range of normal
  4. I am in the process of writing his attorney a letter explaining his disability that causes his inability to grasp the whole concept of the court process or the consequences of him not complying. At his last court appearance I asked his attorney, when is the last time you talked to him and what was it about?" He responded, " yesterday. I presented the deal the DA offered" I asked, " how can you present an offer that he cannot understand or even remember accepting" He asked, what do you mean? I said, "go back in that room and ask him to tell you what you two talked and agreed about yesterday and he will not be able to tell you any of it" He did and later when his named was called his attorney called for an assessment to be done. Assessment found that he understood his charges. That was it!! Big difference between understanding you were arrested and understanding why and how to defend yourself
  5. So, do I understand you to say if he were incarcerated he would stand a much less chance of coming out with any improvement than he would if sent to an institution? I believe he would stand a very good chance of winning even with an attorney that graduated at the bottom of his class. Air controlled doors are by definition controlled by air to prevent closing on people. I went to this location and the door was working properly with no way I could hit or hurt anyone. I informed his attorney of this but nothing was done The DA would have the burden of proof and since I am 6' 2" and weigh 200 lbs and I couldn't make it happen how would he prove it? I raised 4 children who today are all tax paying adults. Accountability is huge with me and always stressed but I perceive an injustice in this felony charge and it is what will get him years, about 3, of incarceration. Details were he was charged last winter plead guilty to assault was let out of jail on probation. Never reported to probation officer because he has no idea what day it is what time it is or probably what year which also explains why he has never made it to a court appearance causing many many many FTA's now probation was revoked and will not be reinstated so he has a court date for sentencing. Question, if probation is revoked, before going to jail, are people re-sentenced for past crimes and can they withdraw a plea given earlier.
  6. My grandson is one of the countless street people with a mental illness. ADHD, low functioning adult, dis associative personality among other diagnosis. The past 3 years He is repeatedly arrested for misdemeaners booked and released has never remembered a court date so lots of FTA. He did get one felony charge of assault on an officer. My question, he has been kept in jail and is scheduled for sentencing on the 8th I was informed probation will not be re instated they are going to make him do the time for past offenses. Is it to late to change his plea regarding the assault? ( I am still confuse about how an air driven door can be slammed on anyone as their function is to prevent slamming and it was working well) He cognately does not understand the court process or the concept of having to report weekly nor does he understand the consequences. How is it the court does not recognize this young man clearly has mental issues that prevent him from complying. He would make court dates if he had the ability to just remember them. When in jail an attorney can bring him any kind of offer and as long as the end of the sentence is, " and then you can get out of jail" he will agree. However, 15 mins later he cannot tell you what he agreed to. What alternatives do we have at this point? Why can't the court get him treatment? I fear after years of warehousing him they will release a much worse young man on society
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