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  1. i figured that. He does have my address since he wanted me to hook it up and test which i did for him and it worked fine at purchase. Should I let him go though with the suet?
  2. Hey guys, a few weeks ago a sold a guy my used ps4. Today he texted and is threatening to sue because the ps4 is having a common disc ejection issue. I did a little research and this issue is very common and easy to fix. He wants my info for legal action but I don't think I should give that info out. I told him to follow to fix instructions the Sony issued on the common problem. The ps4 works normally other than that and of course it never did that for me. My question is, does he have any legal standing here? I am an honest person and if it was indeed broken i would take it back but for a common issue like this I feel that its on him to figure it out especially since he has owned it for a couple weeks now. thanks!
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