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  1. I apologize and don’t mean to be questioning ywhat you are telling me, however earlier I forgot to ask one very BIG question. Is there not an additional loop hole under the federal gun laws that provides for restoration of gun rights to federal felons, if in fact the felony is punishable by one year or less in the sentencing guidelines? And/or if the felony is punishable by not more than two years under there state laws, (even though not a state crime). This is one loop hole that I have seen some writings on and if this is true, how does one go about using this to show they are able to have there gun rights reinstated, as this law would apply to me, as under my states laws, it holds a two year or less sentencing maximum. *Texas Federal Conspiracy to Commit Fraud with an aces device. I literally had a print/scan/copy/ all-in-one, and a power supply in my vehicle. Which apparently is illegal by federal law, especially when the Judge wants to make a. “Example” our of you, and the DA, your court appointed lawyer and the Judge are all working together against you. Since my sentencing, prison sentence, probation, and 10 years after theses have passed, I found out about 9months to a year after my conviction, the Judge himself was arrested and sentenced for crimes having to do with dirty sentencing. So if ANYONE ACSM help me get this removed from record, or my gun rights restrored, please send contact info.
  2. Also, you are correct the article makes it appear as if, once the state restores your right to vote, ( a civil liberty), that you automatically are afforded the restoration of all your civil liberties. Which to my understanding now, you can regain voting rights, but must petition court for restoration of all civil liberties, regardless of state or federal conviction. Additionally, it goes on to male it appear that once your civil liberties are restored at the state level, your gun rights are included in this, as they are a civil liberty. What it did not make clear was that federal law trumps state law, and having your state civil liberties reinstated, although in the state and per state law you can legally then own a gun, does not at the federal level reinstate this right. That being said, if you aren’t in your state and have your civil liberties at the state level returned, can you legally in that state only posses a weapon?or would it only be an issue if there was a federal agency issue in the future? But not a state agency? It is all very confusing, for those of us on the federal side of things. Also, why are the laws so much more in favor of those commuting “state” level felonies, and so much more harsh for federal level felonies? Statistically, state level criminals are more violent and drug crimes, and MUCH more likely to recidivism than federal criminals, which are mostly “white-collar” crimes, and not if the violent nature that state crimes are. Therefore does it not makes more sense to be more lenient with white collar criminal gun laws and more ridged with violent, & drug related criminals? There is even a lesser recidivism rate for federal drug criminals (which are usually larger amounts and longer sentences), than state drug criminals (which are usually small/ petty amounts resulting in short of any jail time, but multiple charges over years). Should we not rethink these laws?
  3. Ok, I see what you are saying. I have a couple of additional questions if you don’t mind. I have been looking. Into some of the new case laws that have come down and some of the old stuff as well. I read an article that says there is a loop hole in the federal law that states of a felon gets there civil rights restored, at the state level, and have a non-violent federal felony, and it has been either 5 or 10 years (can’t remember which) years with no re-offenses, that you can apply to court to have your civil liberties reinstated and that includes your gun rights? Is this correct? Additionally, with new case laws that have come down at the federal and state level, is there a way to petition the courts for my second amendment rights to be returned? Or something like that? Lastly, is there not a an additional loop hole that allows non-violent offenders at the federal level to petition the Tobacco, Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosives Commission to have there gun rights restored through them, if they decide that the individual poses no threat to the people of the United States greater than any other citizen, currently? This is a concern to me as I live very far out in the country, my husband is former military , but a wounded warrior, and we have a child, lots of copperhead snakes, varments, and he has a service dog, but we have 3 packs of Coyotes living in the land around us. He has had 2 of them run up on him in broad daylight, and it very concerning to us that we are not able to legally have guns in our home to protect us from these things. I am learning to atm to shoot a bow, but it is not the same and takes a long time to become proficient in aim. Is there any type of law or loop hole or possible way through this law other than a pardon? If not, how difficult is the pardon process as I am certain that it would be approved, if the right steps were taken to put it in, but we are not financially in a position to afford a lawyer to either petition the Supreme Court, the TAFE, or to pay one to assist in the pardon process. So I could use some advice or help on the matter, of at all possible. Thank you for your time.
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/14/us/felons-finding-it-easy-to-regain-gun-rights.html thoa is the first part of that article, in case you are wondering...
  5. https://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/11/15/answers-on-felons-and-gun-rights/ if you read what was posted in The NY Times, it says once your right to vote is returned at the state level then you can legally own a gun. (very last paragraph at bottom of article). Very confusing. Can you explain?
  6. If you have a non-drug, non-violent, white collar federal felony conviction, have served your time in prison and have been off of probation/parole for at least 5 years with no other legal issues can you get you rights back to own a gun? In Texas?
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