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  1. YOURE A PIECE OF ****!!! I dont know HOW you got all the following you did, unless THEY are trump followers too... but you better NEVER answer another one of my posts you sorry ****!! You EVER talk about my CHILD again and I WILL come find you!!!

  2. and if youre just going to argue, then dont bother responding.. I am looking for ANSWERS, not trolling.
  3. first off, are you an attorney or have adequate professional legal knowledge??? because I KNOW there are methods to appeal after the dead line. And I mailed in my pleadings, as allowed in this court. These mailed in pleading WAS a contest of the charge... so on the ASSUMPTION that I DID contest, as I said I did, IS IT unconsitutional to find a person guilty without stating WHY the guilty finding was reached???
  4. I was found guilty of a traffic violation for not having a valid license. However, I mailed PHOTOCOPIED evidence showing that I HAD a valid pass by Missouri DMV and Child Support Enforcement saying I could drive even though my license was suspended. I was STILL found guilty in absentia. Nor did I receive a mailed response to the case. I was fined a total of $280, and was told I had to 1) file an appea within 30 days of given notice, which I didnt receive. and 2) I had to PAY the fine BEFORE I could appeal..... 1) Is this unconstitutional to force me to pay the penalty in ORDER to appeal the penalty? 2) Does the court not HAVE to give any reasoning FOR the guilty finding and doesnt that constitute a due process issue if they dont provide it? 3) How do I appeal if I a) have no money, and am homeless and disabled b) it has been over the 30 day limit set forth in the statutes? I read the statutes and found nothing about appeal requirements...
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