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  1. Thank you for your feed back
  2. My husband and I lived together for two years before we married I did not allow me to work we have been married now for 3 years and I still have not worked and he controls all the money. We were married in Las Vegas but lived in Los Angeles. In 2017 I had to get a restraining order agents him and he was put in jail for domestic abuse. And again for breaking the order. The judge awarded me a 3 year order. I left our home with the clothes on my back and moved to Phoenix Arizona where a friend took me in. I have not been able to find work and have been surviving on what my friend helps me with. I recently found out my husband filed for divorce in California knowing I would not know so he would be granted the divorce due to no response from me. ( that has not happened because he hasn’t followed completely through with it yet. ) I’m in the process offilling out Response form bot not sure how to go about getting alamoney. He makes after tax’s $8000 a month but has no paper trail except his pay stubs. No bank account no credit cards . How do I go after alamoney when someone is hiding the money . I can’t pay for a lawyer rather, and he wants to take the car as well . Please what can I do.
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