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  1. Hello, I can't afford an attorney and did not no where to go with this question. My mother passed away Nov. 1st of this year, in the State of Iowa. Survivors include 4 children and her husband (my step-father). The step-father is the administrator of the estate. We thought that mother had a will, but her bank lock box didnt have one in it. Anyway, 3 of the kids in the family never got along with mother, and she always promised me the $75,000 that sits in her savings account (this account is in her name only)at her death. It was common knowledge amongst myself, mother and the step-father that I was to receive this money. Well, turns out on this savings account that my mother left the beneficiary blank. I just assume that she never got around to going to bank and taking care of this. I've had several conversations plus emails from my step-father acknowledging that I was always supposed to get this money.... promising me that the $75k in this account will go to me. Well, now he has done an 180 degree on this and wants the $75k included into the total worth of her estate, because of lack of will plus the beneficiary line on account left blank. My question is, step-dad has acknowledged verbally and through emails that It was my mothers wish and desire that I was to receive the $75,000. Even though mother didn't have a will nor put a name down as a beneficiary of this money, do I have a claim for the entire $75,000? thank you in advance
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