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  1. Hello to all! My mother has guardianship of my three kids. Age 10-11. I had them when I was 17 and so she took over the primary care of them as I was just overwhelmed. During this time, I still lived in the same household as the kids and my mom but I was in school and unable to take them to their appointments so we took a piece of notebook paper and I signed that she was their guardian and we got the note notarized. This was in 2008 or maybe 2009. My mother really means well, but now that I am completely finished with school and making decent money Inwant to move out with the children and she tells me I can not. I understand that she’s helped me immeasurably and of course loves the kids, but she keeps saying she will take me to court and tell the judge that I wanted an abortion at first and that I am an unfit parent because I’ve been living with her for so long. Can someone please tell me if the paper we signed can stop me from taking me kids and moving out with them? Thank you.
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