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  1. So what do you call the generations that have made their income from that industry? They are different then you how? Should we ban lawyers because people do not like your profession? What about doctors? Stockbrokers? Dairy Farmers? Citrus farmers? Chicken farms / egg farms?
  2. I apologize then, we are looking for referrals, I will delete the post. The FL Bar is worthless as they are anti racing and their animal defense section backed AM13 by telling the same lies that the animal activists propagated with their millions.
  3. No sir the Constitution protects the right of people to work and not have their LEGAL profession taken away, you just assumed the argument was racing. No offense but we have a Constitutional lawyer that agrees with us, we are looking for someone close to home to cut down travel expenses..
  4. I did not see any other place to put this. We are a PAC that opposed the ban on greyhound racing in Florida. We believe not only is the amendment itself Unconstitutional but the path to the ballot could be considered election fraud. The taking of a legal profession would seem to violate the 5th and 14th Amendments. We are looking for a Constitutional Lawyer to challenge this in Federal Court. If you are interested, please contact myself steve@overturn13.org
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