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  1. Yes I had purchased Carfax before buying the car and it indicated nothing. The seller now says he bought it from an insurance auction but claims he was issued a clear title and therefore mentioned the same. The value of my car has halved it's value and I might have difficulty selling my car. I am therefore seeking advice if there is a way to recoup the losses
  2. I bought a 2014 Nissan Maxima from Dallas TX in Aug 2016. I found the listing via Craigslist. The seller stated it was a clear title but had a small fender bender and he got them repaired. I drew the vehicle did not find any issues and decided to buy the vehicle. A clear title was issued. I moved to Chicago within couple of months and got the car registered. A clear title was issued in Chicago. One year later, i had to move to North Carolina due to job transfer, I registered the car and again a clear title was issued. In November of this year, I had to again move to Des Moines, IA . When I went to register the car at the DMV they said it has a salvage title. I was confused, I did not have any accident. Later the DMV explained that the vehicle has a salvage history before the time I purchased the vehicle. But the seller had said it was a clear title. I purchased Carfax and Carfax also said it had no accident history and I l also transferred the vehicle 3 times and now after 2 years, I am getting to know it's a salvage. Please suggest how should I go about getting my issue resolved. Thanks
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