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  1. Hello and thank you for responding. He was ordered to pay $20,000 on December 11, 2015. $2000 by January 15, 2016 and then the remainder in $300 a month payments. My ex failed to do so and was brought up and held in contempt. At that time they said----1) Respondent is found to be in contempt of the final judgement.2) Respondent owes Petitioner $2,000 which is reduced to a judgement for which execution may issue.3) Amount of judgement shall bear interest at the statutory rate from January 15,2016.4) This court reserves jurisdiction for such further orders as may become necessary in this cause. (judge has since retired) My ex died on October 16, 2018. No probate has been opened. When I checked the courthouse at the end of November his death certificate hadn't yet been filed. (stepson has already collected one S.S. retirement check in ex's name) The divorce decree said nothing about my right to attach a property lien. That was something that I thought might be applicable. Can you explain why it should have been done before his death ? I wasn't trying to collect unpaid monies while he was still alive. I'm afraid I don't understand. Do you have any advice on finding an attorney willing to do pro-bono work on this for someone who is disabled and on a small, fixed income ? Thank you again for your time.
  2. Thank you for replying adjusterjack. Do you have any advice on how to find an attorney willing to do this pro-bono for someone who is disabled and on a small, fixed income ?
  3. Hello and thank you for responding. No, the divorce decree does not say anything about what happens should he die before it is paid off. I requested that he have to carry life insurance to cover the settlement should he die but it was not awarded as he had the court fooled into thinking he was living entirely off of S.S. retirement benefits. There would be enough to cover the settlement just with the sale of two of his vehicles and I am more then willing to accept monthly payments. It sounds like I'm going to need an attorney which I can't afford. I had to sell my personal vehicle just to retain the divorce attorney. Do you have any advice on finding an attorney that would be open to pro bono work ? Also, should I go ahead and file a Claim of Lien to prevent the sale of the home and land or does it not even come into play because of the Life Estate ? Thanks again knort4.
  4. While married, my husband coerced me into signing a Quit Claim deed on our marital home. He then went on to put it into a Life Estate in his eldest son and two grandchildren's names. When we were divorcing, the judge over-ruled this and awarded me a property settlement anyway. My ex has been paying it in $300 monthly installments. Sadly, he passed away last month. His eldest son has already rented the property out and has taken possession of all personal vehicles, motorcycles and welding equipment for himself. I've been told he has already traded off or sold most of these items 'under the table'. Is there any way for me to collect the remaining $11,000 owed me from the property settlement ? I've started the paperwork on a Claim of Lien but don't even know if this would be valid because of the Life Estate issue. I'm disabled and on a fixed income and can't afford an attorney. ( death certificate had not even been recorded last I checked // my ex did not leave a will// divorce judge has retired) Can someone please tell me what steps I can take ? Thank you.
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