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  1. My husband is a box truck driver for a local company. The accident happened three weeks ago at the start of his run. A teenage girl turned left in front of him to enter a gas station along a country road. He was going the speed limit (50-55) and barely had time to swerve as to not hit her vehicle in the passenger area but did take off her front end. He didn't want to get out of his truck after the collision because he was sure the car was under the truck. The impact caused him two broken ribs and a minor concussion. The girl admitted fault and her insurance company is being cooperative. His company has him on Worker's Comp and light duty. He has lost substantial overtime since he cannot drive and unload a truck as well as doctor visits and general pain. His company is getting a sizable amount for the truck, a rental truck, and probably for the "loss" of his time. What should he be entitled to and would it be in his best interest to contact an attorney to protect his financial rights?
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