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  1. Re: SEC.601.053 Evidence of Financial Responsibility: We plan to have a fleet of 20 vehicles, under the above driver code of Texas we understand that you can obtain a certificate of financial resposibility via other means such as a bond in lieu of an insurance policy. Does anyone have more information on executing this alternate method of establishing financial responsibility.
  2. Where do I go to find a copy of the oath on a Justice of Peace judge who is presiding in a Precint 3-1 in Houston, TX ? I called Austin and was directed to call the place where they train judges but they said I have to call they county. When I looked up county website in Houston, all I found was how to go about in other cases but did not find a place to get a copy of the judge's oath. I also called the court of the judge who presided there, I was transferred to the voice mail. I left a voicemail and did not hear back from the secretary.
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