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  1. Thank u. I'm almost finished wt my complaint...I just have to clean it up a bit...I just thot this website would better b able to represent my case since Lawyers are better equipped by way of their associated colleagues, any would have access to needed resources. Thanks anyway...Honestly, I already knew that local attorneys would have qualms about this case...San Pedro, CA is used to being "above-the-law". And, there are lots of old "Families", who r used to "taking the law into their own hands' & "getting away with it". I completely understand. I just thought that....MAYBE..... I'd find ONE that still believes that "justice", and "...life, liberty and happiness..." is for 'Every one', and NOT JUST FOR THE RICH. I guess 'corruption' prevails over old-fashioned American values...this time...AGAIN. AND, the rich get richer: and the poor get poorer...Over, and Over, and Over . ......Again.... and Again,....and Again...until the division is so Great, that it can Never be repaired. One strong American, will NOT triumph over the greed & lusts of many rich & powerful men. However, Two or three Strong Americans can & DO win battles against armies. Thank you for your time. .
  2. July 23, 2017, I, a 66 yr old disabled female was falsely charged with a FELONY ("assault with a deadly weapon"-my keys). The owner of a residential hotel was selling & refurbishing his bldh & wanted to lower his costs of relocating tenants..While incarcerated for 30days, EVERYTHING I owned, AND my two Feline Family members, was removed from my room (the room was stripped of Everything), including personally iden tifiable documents, which were used to rob my bank account of $1,053. It took 2months to get a police report...I became Instantly HOMELESS & a victim. An note dated 8/1/2017 with my FORGED signature was used to justify taking my property. Ownership transferred title 8/9/2017. However....Controlling Interest remains eith the seller, who is also the Lender ti the buyers .. Ten months passed before I discovered where one of my Feline Family had been residing. Pictures of him show distinct signs of neglect and confusion. On the evening of my arrest, I was Battered by the manager's live in boyfriend too. Lots more but too many words for this blog. I NEED A GOOD ATTORNEY bcz these people have been "ABOVE THE LAW" for many GENERATIONS and have an EXTREME amount of money and property and have been s part of this close-knit community for MANY GENERATIONS and sre Very WELL-CONNECTED...and will most- likely attempt a bribe to win their case. Seriously!
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