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  1. I was told by a lawyer that it is bad faith due to it being escalated because my bike was expensive. They said it should only be escalated to the SIU if they have reason to believe I had something to do with it.
  2. I have done the search on here already, but all "bad faith acts" all come up as only personal injury unfortunately. I will try the ncbar link above.
  3. So my motorcycle was stolen in another state I was in (at a motorcycle rally) on October 6th, 2018. The insurance company received the police report and told me everything was almost done. They told me "they are at the end of the investigation, and I needed to provide them with my receipt of parts and pics/videos of the bike, and I would be reimbursed" They then escalated it to their "special investigation unit" because they said "my bike is a high dollar amount" (it was built as a show bike) I believe I should have been reimbursed to start building my bike back again, but instead their "special investigators" have been going to all my neighbors, and asking telling them about my claim, and asking if they have seen me riding the bike around. I am now being embarrassed and the talk of my neighborhood because people think I've done insurance fraud. Now they are asking for my past 90 days phone records, text records, bank statements, credit card statements etc. I have been told they are currently doing a bad faith claim act, and I would like to find legal representation from someone who specializes in bad faith insurance, as they are purposely delaying my claim.
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