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  1. To all that have replied I thank you for your time. To those who addressed my question directly, my gratitude. Please note, I did not post on this sight to debate, you are free to believe what you wish. There are sheeple and there are people. Lawyers loyalty lie first with the Bar (court). Magna Carta; do some research before running of mouth. Person; no I am not. May I suggest the use of a law dictionary. Really people, take your blinders off, expand your horizons, research and question both info motive. If you had my post would make sense. As I've said "my question has been answered".
  2. Why would I grant procuration to a lawyer when their first loyalty is to the court. Besides, I am mentally competent and I'm not a child. Don't know why you all are so hung up on that case. I said I'd "present something like..." Tax Counsil; So your saying the only non federal case law applicable in Oregon are cases tried in Oregon? How is the age of a case relevant when our whole legal system is supposed to be based on the Magna Carta. I think you assume that I have some obligation to specific performance such as a person has. Government being fiction, being in the mind of man only lowers itself to that of a mere private corporation when it deals with monies and can demand no performance or assign obligation without contract. The separation of powers is meant to keep any one branch from becoming Omni powerful and/or from abusing it power, such as inflicting the will of the majority on to the individual (Tyranny). The three branches are meant to keep each other in check not work in collusion to further the bankers agenda of subverting and perverting our Republic of sovereign individuals into a Democracy of sovereign majority. Our debt based economy has turned our courts as well as our government into ones of Kangaroo. The legislative branch can write stutes but can not enforce them that is why it is a conflict of separation of power for a judicial officer to both issue and serve. So my question stands. Is it not a violation of separation of powers for the executive branch ( department of revenue) to enforce a lawful matter of the judiciary branch by issueing, serving and enforcing a distraint warrant? Oh and "the practice of law is not to be licensed". But then maybe everything on the internet is a lie and I'm clueless. Jeez I just asked a question as to proceedure and with one exception I've gotten condescending hostility.
  3. Pg1067 thank for the input, good of you to include your personal opinion, just kidding. I believe I said I'd skip my legal argument, doubt you'd get it or agree. My query has been answered.
  4. Middle part, thank you! I just saw your post and you've answered my question and then some. Appreciated. May I ask; Is there a law that says i have to accept a USPS uncertified letter? And would not Return to Sender return the letter. Not trying to be difficult just trying to get myself out of this mess.
  5. I'm not sure how using a law dictionary to define and case law as precedent is arguing. But you are probably right. Unfortunately I don't see another course of action to get my day in court. So I can present something like this. Colville v. Bennett, 293, NYS 2d, 685. Thanks for responding
  6. That's an answer. Thank you. One step further. Citation: An order of summons.... Adams v. Citizens Bank; The act by which a person is so summoned or cited. Blacks Fourth. Summons: The act by which a defendant is notified by a competent officer...Bouvier 1856 Am I wrong in that is evedence (fact) not arguable? Government doesn't have the power to change definitions. Do they?
  7. Is not the Department of Revenue (executive) being the collection agency for a (judicial) court a violation of separation of powers
  8. Thank you but that does not answer my question. Nor is applicable as I was not in a residential area and the photo was taken by an unmanned permanent camera. You may choose to believe what you wish but the evidence says it is totally about generating money. Thing is a citation requires a summons of notice delivered (not caused to be) by the issueing officer, which is a violation of separation of powers. I could go on but I'm not seeking debate or propaganda. I posted a query hoping for an answer. That's all. To answer your question. From my insurance company.
  9. Thanks i am hoping you're right and i'm mistaken in thinking motions were limited to cases currently before the court, (undecided). I've tried to research court procedure in Oregon but being a violation it's not civil and it's not really criminal. What I've found has all been for untried cases.
  10. Oregon's policy on photo radar citations "...officer will cause notification of citation delivered." Plainly stated, they mail it USPS. I'll skip my legal argument and just say I don't except mail from government agencies without service. So having no knowledge of an alledged traffic violation & no notice of trial, a judicial decision was made, finding me guilty. I believe I can prove deprivation of due process. Where and how do I do that. Do I file a civil action against the State? District court? Appellate court?
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