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  1. he said he thought it sounded like I was blackmailing her into to keep her as my girlfriend. The men are more sugar daddies than your garden variety "john" but their business appears to be transactional..pay to play, and she always liked to party but she goes to class and does what she needs to do then gets blotto every night. Apparently there is some language in one of the statutes that talks about telling someone close to her a secret that would cause problems between them and I've seen all of the stuff on revenge porn and doing anything like that wont happen. I like to think that the 2-3 x she's mentioned killing herself she was doing it for attention or just to be a drama queen
  2. Conservative people of Nebraska also put a great deal of faith and respect in private property laws and that a person should never have to wonder if the cops can bash their doors in. People aren’t required to open their doors for police in this country ... they should have apologized ... accepted that you froze and didn’t know what to do or who to believe and never charged you at all
  3. Need some input. My girlfriend of a couple of years is a sophomore in college and everytime I've seen her this year she has been drunk or stoned or high on something ...not only that but I just found out that she has been having sex with a couple or several different men in their 40's and 50's. who are paying her for sex. I am completely numb over this and told her that I was all done and that she needed to immediately stop being a prostitute and stop her drinking and drugging and get into rehab or I was going to go to her parents and tell them everything I knew ...also she told me that she was depressed and had had some thoughts of suicide. I want my girlfriend back and don't want to share her with anyone but I was told if I told her parents what she was doing or threatened to tell them that I could be the one charged with a felony in Oregon for coercion? AYFKM? She can always choose to stop acting crazy on her own and stop what she's doing so things can get back to normal. Aside from obviously benefiting from having her fix this on her own and coming back to me, if she doesn't, and I don't tell someone and something happens to her that would be devastating. How can protected speech (telling her parents) become a felony ? and is my friend correct?
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